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GFT expertly maps out the airline flight itinerary path to eloquently corresponds with travel specifications.

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    About Global First Travel

    Headquartered in Los Angeles, Global First Travel has combined the nostalgic personal service of travel agencies with modern booking and state-of-the-art technology. Named the air gurus of luxury travel, our highly experienced and dedicated agents know their markets and have the in-depth understanding required to ensure a successful journey from start to end. We expertly map out the flight itinerary path to eloquently correspond with personal trip specifications. Our vast, first-hand experience with airline aircraft, interior designs, and up-to-date product information enables us to deliver a tailor-made, memorable trip for every type of traveler. Our thorough knowledge of airline alliances, airport requirements, and baggage interline agreements results in flawless execution. Every ticket is backed by our white-glove customer service, mastery, and skill. Our passion is found in delivering truly personalized service. You gain professional expertise with sterling service, every step of the way.

    Air Reservations

    Our highly experienced team will guide you to seamlessly and efficiently book the right air itinerary, tailor-made to custom fit each individual’s preferences.

    Complex Itineraries

    Our dedicated air specialists know their markets and have the in-depth understanding and capabilities required for multi-city and remote destination bookings.

    Maximize Savings

    Our industry position and strong partnerships with the airlines result in significant cost savings. With an emphasis on quality and value we enhance your experience while maximizing your savings.

    Up-To-Date Product Information

    Our first-hand experience of the airline aircrafts and interior cabins, combined with our knowledge of the airline alliances and baggage agreements, ensures the best travel experience.

    Flight Monitoring

    With state-of-the-art technology, our quality control team proactively monitors and notifies you of airline schedule changes. We diligently work on your behalf to swiftly assist with rescheduling.

    24/7 Emergency Support

    To ensure the best experience for our clients, our 24/7 emergency support desk is serviced by in-house Global First specialists. Travel with ease as we have you covered in all locations, at all times.

    Covid-19 Requirements

    We are up to date with all new policies as countries and airlines implement new safety guidelines. We’re happy to help you navigate the requirements. Our number one priority is your safety.

    Flexible Rates

    Multiple fare options allows you to select the most suitable rate for your travel needs. Select from 100% refundable fares, flexibility with cancellations and changes, to low-cost restrictive fares. We proficiently handle last-minute changes.

    VIP Service

    We understand air travel and we understand high-touch quality service. Listening to expectations, and anticipating needs, topped with our prompt correspondence, results in a memorable travel experience.